Triz Solution

With the release of FreeStor®, FalconStor gives customers the power to seamlessly migrate, recover, protect, and deduplicate data—on or off the cloud—without tying their business to specific hardware, Networks, or protocols. FreeStor provides companies with the ability to enhance just about any storage infrastructure with enterprise-grade features that enhance the overall value of the storage environment. By adding enterprise features, such as comprehensive deduplication, powerful workload migration, and application recovery capabilities, FreeStor brings a 100% software-defined, homogenous, storage management experience to even the most heterogeneous environment. FreeStor’s value to an organization revolves around providing its customers with four key data services pillars to address customer use cases.



FreeStor offers one platform for legacy and virtual platforms. Features include:

  • Migration from array to array, clusters, or site to site
  • Converged services let you control data movement
  • WAN-optimized and space-efficient replication lowers costs
  • Heterogeneous storage, protocols, system, and application support



With FreeStor, data is always on when needed and is performance-optimized:

  • Absolutely minimal downtime lowers costs and enhances productivity
  • Data is active to, from, and across storage sites and is 99.999% proactive
  • Local, active-active, and multi-site storage versatility
  • Variable topology deployment allows performance and scale to meet business needs RECOVERY

FreeStor allows data recovery anywhere via mobile or tablet interface. Features include: • Policy-based, auditable, validated recovery

  • Full integration allows recovery to and from physical, virtual, or mixed environments
  • Provides peace of mind that data is protected and fully recoverable
  • Bootable and mobile snapshots for instant recovery, test/dev environments, etc.


FreeStor’s optimization with dedupe reduces storage costs and increases backup efficiencies.

  • Assume greater control over data and heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Gain consistent, global deduplication across your storage infrastructure
  • Turn on deduplication as needed
  • Virtualize all shared storage into a common resource